Grab a Do-Band and get it done!
Thanks for visiting the Do-Band project. Do you have something that you keep thinking you should do, that is always on your to-do list, but you just never get to? Is it even more frustrating because it is something you think that you should do as well? Calling your family? Donating to charity? Apologizing to someone? These are good things…Grab a Do-Band and get them done!

The way it works
When you accept a Do-Band, you are promising to do that thing you’ve been putting off for so long. You must now wear the Do-Band until you fulfill your promise! Then you record your success here (no registration required), and pass the band on to another person so they can Do!

Virtual Do-Bands!
If you don’t have any rubber bands, send a Virtual Do-Band! Send them a link and tell them to pledge to Do something good.
To log your success, Search for "Virtual" and add a comment!

Already completed your promise? Ready to log your success?
Find your band number below (search for it using Control F or apple F), click on the thread, and add your success as a comment (no registration required). Then don’t forget to pass off the band to someone else. If you are feeling particularly joyous, send some Virtual Do-Bands as well.

Pass it on, each band will have a building story with each pass!

Pledge Ideas!
-Call your mom
-Apologize to someone
-Compliment someone
-Donate to charity
-Walk/bike to work
-Return a favor
-Help a stranger
-Forgive someone


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